The Elatochori Ski Center is located in the northeast side of Pieria Mountains, at the area Papa Chorafi.

Altitude: 1410 m – 1974 m

Slopes                                                                 elatox1

10 slopes of 13,500 km total length, out of which:

  • 2 red:
    • Clio, 3050 m in length.
    • Urania, a new slope, 850 m in length.
  • 2 blue:
    • Kalliopi, 650 m in length.
    • Terpsichori, 1320 m in length.
  • 4 green:
    • Erato, 650 m in length, suitable for beginners.
    • Polymnia, 5800 m in length, which is connected with Erato’s start point and they both are a unique of such length green slope in Greece.
    • Thalia A, 150 m in length, right next to the Chalet.
    • Thalia B, 150 m in length, which is used by ski learning schools and located right next to the new baby-lift, near to the start point of the aerial double seat lift.
  • 1 snowboard slope, 500 m in length.
  • 1 slope for sledges, 700 m in length.

Lifts                                    elatox4   elatox3

5 lifts:

  • Dias, one aerial double seat lift, 1187 m in length, with a capacity of 1200 persons/hour, which serves Clio & Erato slopes.
  • 2 sliding lifts:
    • Apollon, 700 m in length, with a capacity of 600 persons/hour, which serves Kalliopi & Polymnia slopes.
    • Hermes, 600 m in length, which serves Urania, Terpsichori & Clio slopes and reaches at an altitude of 1912 m.
  • 2 baby-lifts, 150 m in length each one, which serve beginners’ slopes.

Other facilities /services

                                              elatox2    elatox5

  • A three level Chalet, which can host 400 persons. It’s located at the Ski Center base and has a restaurant & a snack bar on the ground floor and a coffee bar on the fist floor.
  • 2 snow bars, one at the start point & one at the peak point of the aerial double seat lift.
  • 2 ski learning schools.
  • 3 ski’s equipment sale & rental shops.
  • Organized practice of first aid.
  • Parking lot.

Accessibility /Road network

Starting either from Athens or Thessaloniki, move through the national network on the Athens-Thessaloniki N.R. or vice versa, and when you reach Katerini, choose the path of the old National Road Katerini – Elassona. At the 13th km of that road you turn on the right if you come from Athens, or on the left, if you come from Thessaloniki. By following the road signs you reach the ski center in a few km.

Operation period

The ski center facilities operate from Decmber to March, daily from 9 a.m to 4.30 p.m.

Useful notes

Elatochori ski center is the younger Greek ski center, with great potential for expansion. The Alpine & Ski Club of Katerini has the responsibility of its operation, which began on trial during the winter period 2000-2001.


The ski centre’s facilities Photo: © Elatochori Ski Center – Pieria